Dive into GitHub: the Facebook for developers

In eight years, GitHub has become the reference code hosting platform by playing on its social and collaborative dimension. It brings together more than 5.8 million developers, including those from Microsoft, Facebook and NASA. GitHub has been in the news this summer. When the “Shadow Brokers”, a mysterious group of hackers released spyware from the … Read more

Adobe Flash moves to HTML5

At the time of the changeover of its entire offer in cloud mode, the editor updates its workshops for creating Flash and Edge animations. Here’s an overview. On the occasion of its Max event this week, Adobe unveils a new version of Flash Professional. Among its evolutions, the animation creation workshop is now optimized for … Read more

RxApps, the app for chronic diseases

RxApps monitors changes in patient behaviour. S. de P. RxApps For healthcare professionals, RxApps monitors changes in the behaviour of patients with chronic diseases and adapts treatments through personalised SMS and web applications. The company informs both patients and their doctors about “what is working with the treatment, what aspects of the patient’s lifestyle might … Read more

Fintech: the 25 “unicorns” valued at over $1 billion

Richard Branson, Peter Theil, Google and Credit Suisse were right to invest in these high-potential start-ups from the outset. Fintech start-ups are booming, thanks to the flood of investment in young companies that are reinventing the way people pay, borrow, invest, and so on. The more money invested in this sector, the higher the valuations … Read more