10 must-have connected objects for the home

The global market for the connected home will reach 3.2 billion euros in 2015. Objects dedicated to energy management or security are becoming more and more popular.

The number of connected objects, excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones, could generate 300 billion dollars worldwide in 2020, according to Gartner. And if connected watches and devices dedicated to sportsmen have initiated the growth of the sector, one of the niches that could take the most importance is the home automation. The connected home market was worth €13.4 billion in 2014 worldwide, up 2%, according to Gfk. Among the five categories (comfort, lighting, energy, security and leisure electronics), it is the leisure electronics category that takes the cake with €2.8 billion: it includes, in particular, drones but also audio or photo equipment with connected functions. But the home automation market is also on the way to becoming more democratic in its segments that have not yet been explored, such as energy or security.

Gfk forecasts that sales of connected home products will reach 3.2 billion euros worldwide in 2015. For its part, the French home automation market was estimated at 150 million euros at the end of 2014 by the analyst.

According to Xerfi, if sales of devices dedicated to sportsmen and activity trackers could well stagnate or even decrease, home automation has the wind in its sails. Home automation boxes offering various services should dominate the connected home market in 2015, followed by smart objects for energy management, in strong growth, then by those dedicated to security and finally those dedicated to lighting.

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