Adobe Flash moves to HTML5

At the time of the changeover of its entire offer in cloud mode, the editor updates its workshops for creating Flash and Edge animations. Here’s an overview.

On the occasion of its Max event this week, Adobe unveils a new version of Flash Professional. Among its evolutions, the animation creation workshop is now optimized for 64-bit architectures, which should bring more performance for the management of large files. The application is also optimized for exporting video and audio content in high definition.

The main advance? It is undoubtedly HTML5. Adode improves Flash Professional’s support for the web standard. A possibility that was already offered via the CreateJS toolkit. Designed to create advanced graphical controls in HTML5, this JavaScript toolkit has been further integrated in this new version.

Flash Professional includes a drawing tool. Capture JDN

Other new features in terms of development tools, the code editor of Flash is partly redesigned.Adobe ‘s objective: to improve the search and “search and replace” possibilities. It is based on the Scintilla technology.

In terms of debugging, Flash Professional also introduces a mechanism to test mobile developments as they progress by pushing them on several terminals (iOS, Android …) connected by USB. Finally, a drawing console now allows, according to the publisher, to instantly display full previews, with line and fill colors, Adobe says.

The end of the maintenance of the versions in box of Flash and Dreamweaver

Designed for the creation of animations in HTML5, Edge Animate is enriched with new graphic models. Adobe has also added an option to host animation files via the Akamai delivery network.

From June 17, Flash Professional as Edge Animate, as well as Edge Reflow and Dreamweaver will be available in cloud mode, through the Creative Cloud offer. Adobe has announced the cessation of maintenance of their boxed editions, and the entire Creative Suite.

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