Adobe’s quest for time savings


From September 20 to 24, 2021, from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm, Adobe offers Experience Makers, a series of conferences accessible online. The goal? To explain to companies how the customer experience can be optimized thanks to the use of a unique platform in real time.

A single platform

Imagine a customer visiting the unsubscribe page of a telephone company’s website, for example. He spends time, a lot of time. Too much time? Immediately, a red flag lights up on the control screens of the after-sales service, the marketing department and the customer service: “The company understands that its customer is trying to leave them,” argues Dimitri François, head of data offers for Western Europe at Adobe. As it is connected to real-time data, it can react immediately. If the customer calls to cancel, their call will be treated as a priority and a commercial offer will be made.”

Real time. The fundamental principle of Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). For this telephone operator, the customer will be picked up in extremis by the sales department. He didn’t unsubscribe, thanks to AEP.


By collecting all the data emitted by the consumer on all the contact points and by exploiting the data from multiple sources, AEP creates a unique user profile, accessible in real time to the after-sales service, marketing and activation teams, etc. It works with the orchestration capabilities of Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO): “In addition to traditional batch campaigns, we add real-time orchestration of individual journeys,” said Stéphanie Maziol, head of Customer Journey offerings for Western Europe. If an individual downloads a mobile application or abandons a shopping cart, AJO knows how to capture these events to get the customer’s attention in context. In the same way, if a product that was previously out of stock is restocked, we immediately target the individuals we know are interested in the product. The objective is to group together in a single tool all the functions of audience management and campaign orchestration, regardless of their nature, batch or real time. AJO then enables the selection and delivery of the most suitable offer to each customer on the channel and at the time when this customer interacts with the brand. “

Synergy needed

Customer experience management (CXM) has become more sophisticated in recent times, as governance rules have changed dramatically, especially with the implementation of the European data protection regulation GRPD. The end of third-party cookies announced by Google, which will be the subject of an Experience Makers conference, is also something to consider. “Companies will only be able to rely on data collected by themselves. The optimization of this data is therefore an imperative”, reminds Dimitri François.

Sharper targeting allows us to engage customers in a long-term relationship based on trust. The days of mass mailing are over. The 3.0 customer of 2021 wants a personalized service. “Thanks to the artificial intelligence behind AEP, we are able to find the data that makes sense. “

Recently, a Dutch company that launched a project via AEP saw its conversion rate increase by 30%.

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