Alven, Kima and Partech among the most active VCs in Europe

In 2014, 855 European tech start-ups raised €5 billion, compared to €2.8 billion in 2013. France remains far behind the UK and Germany in terms of amounts raised.

European start-ups raised $5.7 billion in 2014 (€5 billion), an amount up 78% on the previous year ($3.2 billion, or €2.8 billion), according to a study by CB Insights. This development is partly due to the multiplication of huge financing rounds, previously rather rare in Europe.

Amounts raised by tech start-ups in Europe since 2011. CB Insights

At the top of the list of the most active investment funds is the German seed fund High-tech Gründerfonds (read , its CEO, 13/02/14), followed by Index Ventures and Accel Partners, both of which participated in the $100 million round of financing closed by Blablacar. French funds Alven Capital and Kima Ventures, Xavier Niel and Jérémie Berrebi’s fund, are in tenth place and Partech Ventures in 16th place.

VCs most active in the tech sector in Europe in 2014. CB Insights

French start-ups land fewer investments than British or German start-ups: 63 deals were signed in 2014 in France, compared to 154 in Germany and 225 in the UK.

The 5 European countries where tech start-ups raised the most funds in 2014. CB Insights

Number of deals and amounts raised by country in 2014. CB Insights

Seed investments accounted for 45% of deals and 5% of the total amount raised by European tech startups. Series A investments accounted for 25% of deals and 18% of the total amount, and series B investments accounted for 10% of deals and 21% of the amount.

Share of deals by investment stage. CB Insights

Share of total amount raised by European startups in 2014 by investment stage. CB Insights

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