Android 4: developing my first application Create a custom icon

Once you have entered this data, click on the Next button. If you checked the option to create a custom icon, you will get the following screen:

Configure the application icon. Eni

You have several options to facilitate the creation of your application icon:
– Create the icon from a custom image.
– Create the icon from an image proposed by the Android SDK.
– Create the icon from a text.

You can also specify some properties to your icon:
– Its padding (internal margin),
– Its position,
– Its shape,
– Its background color,
– Its color.

You can skip this step by unchecking the Create custom launcher icon option (in the first step).

Once the icon is created, click the Next button to go to the screen where you can specify the initial state of your application.

You must choose one of these options:
– Empty project.
– Project containing an activity.
– Project containing a fragment.

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