Android, an OS for cameras

A now famous mascot © Business Insider Beginnings : When Google launched Android in 2005, its goal was to develop an operating system for cameras. News : The company smartly decided to make mobile phones. Android is now the most installed OS on smartphones in the world and is also expanding into other areas such … Read more

Confidential: The online meat cellar Pièce du boucher raises 350 000 euros

Pièce du boucher is present in Paris and in six cities in the Paris region delivers butcher’s cuts in less than two hours. The start-up Pièceduboucher has just raised €350,000 from business angels, including Emmanuel Brunet (CEO of Eulerian Technologies), Hervé Montoute and Thomas Prud’homme (co-founders of Mobvalue), Vincent Benard (logistics director of the Campofrio … Read more

CSS Desk: an online CSS and HTML editor

CSS Desk allows to code in HTML and CSS, and to visualize immediately the result in the same interface. Capture JDN CSS Desk is an online HTML and CSS code editor. It allows you to test your code and to visualize the result in an isolated environment (on an online sandbox), before deploying it in … Read more

Google releases its Objective-C converter in Open Source

To facilitate the migration of applications for Android to iOS, Google has decided to offer in open source its Java to Objective-C code converter. Google offers J2ObjC under an open source license(Apache License 2.0). It is a Java to Objective-C and C++ code converter. Google’s goal: to facilitate the porting of applications, initially developed for … Read more

VPN and teleworking: the corporate vulnerability to coronavirus?

Virtual private networks are overheating as telecommuting activity reaches unprecedented peaks in France. The opening of these external accesses could attract hackers. [ Updated March 16, 2020 at 8:30 p.m.] At a time when the coronavirus epidemic is pushing French companies to massively switch their employees to telecommuting, the delicate question of opening up access … Read more

CSS3 test: testing browser compatibility

CSS3 test allows to see the level of CSS3 support by the different browsers. The latest version of Firefox (10.0.2) reaches 52%. Capture JDN You want to know the level of support of CSS3 specifications by one or several browsers? You can use . This small online tool lists all CSS3 properties (at least those … Read more