Beme wants to help you share short videos with your friends quickly and easily

Function: founded by YouTuber Case Neistat, Beme wants to become the easiest way to share videos with friends by replacing the editing and sharing options of other social networks like Snapchat or Instagram.

How it works: Videos on Beme are no longer than 4 seconds long and you can’t see what you’re sharing before you post it. Beme takes videos in a unique way. The app has access to aniPhone sensor called the proximity sensor, which is located near your camera on the front of the phone.
This sensor detects the distance of your body from the phone, and when the app is opened, it starts filming.

Origin: New York, New York.
Founders: Casey Neistat and Matt Hacket.
Funding: $2 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners , Vayners/RSE.
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