Blurtt: “I was supposed to be a fearless leader, but burnout made me lose hope and creativity”

Screenshot of the old Blurtt website © Blurtt

Jeannette Cajide was forced to shut down Blurtt in early 2014. The photo-sharing app launched in 2012 catered to a niche of creatives and struggled to find users en masse. The startup also failed to raise $1 million after a disagreement with the investor over the composition of the management team. And after years of work, the CEO slipped into burnout:

“I started to get washed out. I was supposed to be the fearless leader of Blurtt, but the problem with burnout is that you lose all hope and creativity. I would lie awake all night thinking about Blurtt (wondering what to do, cursing myself for my mistakes, thinking about the people who had hurt me by telling me I didn’t fit the Silicon Valley “success pattern”). I was going to work tired and exhausted. I was pulling on the rope. (…) After considering several options for Blurtt’s future, I realized it was time to give up.”

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