Chatty Solutions: Hosted Multi-OS Mobile Development

The editor bases its environment on the 4GL language. Objective: to provide a tool for developing native applications for multiple mobile systems, targeting iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

The American start-up Chatty Solutions unveils Chatty Apps: a hosted multi-OS mobile development environment. It is designed to create applications targeting iOS as well asAndroid and Windows Phone.

Based on the 4GL language, Chatty Apps is built around a rules engine and a data model generator (XML), combined with a visual GUI and process modeling editor, all of which bring the solution closer to a code generation tool. The XML language then facilitates the integration of the Apps with the company’s information systems.

Object-oriented, the environment naturally allows the reuse of components (controls or application logic). In short, everything is done to make the developer’s life easier and improve his productivity. Applications can be designed in /HTML5, or compiled natively for each of the targeted mobile systems.

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