Cleeng launches an Eventbrite of paid live videos

The web payment specialist offers producers a platform that allows them, in a few minutes, to manage the paid broadcast of their live shows.

The Cleeng payment solution has just launched a platform, Cleeng Live!, which allows to create and launch a paid live event in a few minutes and then sell it in countries where the rights are available. “In just 2 minutes, producers will be able to open up the live broadcast of their event to a global audience, on mobile and on the web, finding an alternative revenue stream to advertising,” the company explains.

Founded in 2011 by Gilles Domartini, a former Apple (), Cleeng allows its partners such as Cirque du Soleil, Dailymotion or Conference TED to monetize their catalog via the marketing of access in “pay per view”. Cleeng earns a commission of around 8% of all transactions. With this new model, the company hopes to capitalize on the popularity of Internet users for live broadcasts on the Web, particularly boxing and basketball.

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