CodeFluent Entities : a Windows 8 application generator

The editor of development tools .Net unveils its new code generator. Objective: facilitate the creation of components for the new operating system from Microsoft.

Publisher of code generation tools specializing in Microsoft .Net technologies, lifts the veil on its new product of the year: a code generator for Windows 8. The solution integrates with theIDE Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. From an application model, it generates . Net components. These can be “scripts (T-SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, Pg/SQL), code (C# and VB.Net), web services (WCF and Json/Rest) or user interfaces (ASP.Net, SharePoint, WPF),” the company says.

“Closely aligned with Windows 8, just as we did with Visual Studio 2012, we confirm our commitment to helping the Microsoft developer community keep up with the rapid pace of innovation,” explains Daniel Cohen-Zardi, president of SoftFluent, and founder of the company. “CodeFluent Entities already implements a similar design style and will help you generate both .Net and WinJS/HTML5 applications with a consistent approach.” Daniel Cohen-Zardi is a former Microsoft France.

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