Confidential: the founder of SeLoger invests in Payname

This fundraising of 300,000 euros will allow the start-up to develop the marketing of its system facilitating transactions and remuneration between individuals.

The founder of and Denys Chalumeau and Pop Invest (Olivier Pariselle) have just invested 300,000 euros in Eric Charpentier’s project, Payname. The start-up has developed a payment system dedicated to the collaborative economy: it allows individuals to pay other individuals as easily as making a purchase on the Internet, while legalizing and declaring the income generated by the transaction. In fact, Payanme has developed a widget that is sold under its own brand name to jobbing platforms such as Youpijob or FrizBiz and takes care of making the URSSAF declarations and paying the social security contributions for the sponsor during a transaction. The sponsor only chooses the amount of the remuneration of the person he wants to employ.

The start-up intends to earn a 3% commission on all transactions. The company also plans to integrate the possibility of paying professionals such as self-employed people. In addition to a commission on transactions, Payname also intends to monetize its solution through a monthly subscription formula subscribed by marketplaces. It will be free up to 500 transactions per month and will cost 500 euros for a number of transactions greater than 500 and less than 5,000. This fundraising will allow the start-up to develop mobile tools and to improve its reputation through public relations and marketing operations and event partnerships.

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