Confidential: the start-ups of the second session of the Accelerator are…

The founders of the Accelerator meet this Wednesday, in the premises of the Journal du Net, the 12 start-ups selected for its second session. Here are their names.

For its second session, the Accelerator, the incubation program of Michel de Guilhermier, Juan Hernandez, Jonathan Lascar and Guillaume Truttman(read the interview“, 27/01/2012), has selected a dozen start-ups out of nearly 200 candidates.

The lucky ones, who will benefit from a 16-week support program, are :


Founded by Audren de Valbray and Pierre Doublet, Beepjob is a website and application for geolocated job ads. The site offers 30,000 ads and aims to reach 100,000 in the next 6 months.


Bukkett : Bukkett, which passed through the HEC incubator, offers schools and colleges mobile applications with their own names and colors, designed to be the media of their campus. The start-up, created by Jérémie Bouaziz, plans to launch 110 applications in September 2012.


Founded by Sylvain Tormo in association with kitchen professionals, Cuisishop allows you to buy a quality custom kitchen at the price of a kitchen kit Ikea.

Cup of Teach

Founded in June 2012 by Marc-Arthur Gauthey and Mathieu Seguin, Cup of Teach is a university between individuals, offering workshops. The service has attracted 3,000 registrants (teachers and students combined) and offers about 300 courses.


Digikaa : Launched in mid-2011 by Mickaël David and Pierre Olivier Calande, Digikaa is a social network for digital professionals. It offers a free service that aims to facilitate connections between the 8,000 professionals already registered on the platform (developers, designers, emarketers, community managers, etc.) in order to find a job, recruit as well as find customers or service providers.

Mes bonnes Copines

Mid-2012 , Florence Haxel and Thierry Rousseau launched Mes Bonnes Copines, a social network for mutual support between women. 3,000 women have registered on the platform.

My Custom PC

My Custom PC” is an online PC assembler that allows you to create your own custom computer, with the components and parts of your choice according to your needs.

Pastas Party

Pastas Party : Created in 2007 by Héloïse Dion, Pastas Party is a dating site for singles during parties organized by singles on Sunday evening around pasta dishes in restaurants privatized for the occasion. 60 000 singles from 25 French cities are registered.


Launched by Antoine Leclerq in April 2012, SanteConnect is a turnkey social networking solution for healthcare professionals. 10,000 healthcare professionals use the various sites of the SanteConnect network.


Yokoro : Launched in 2010 by Edouard Saint-Geours and Joan Larroumec, Yokoro is a community platform aiming to put people in need of services in touch with individuals offering their talents throughout France. Today, Yokoro has more than 30,000 members who offer tens of thousands of services every day throughout France.


& MiaouBox
: Founded in July 2012 by Antoine Chabassol and Pierre-Henri Coustenoble, Animalbox is inspired by cosmetic boxes (Mylittlebox, Joliebox, Glossybox…) and adapts them in the pet field. The company offers dog owners (Woufbox) and cat owners (Miaoubox) to receive once a month a box of 5 to 6 varied products.


Launched in September 2012 by Marie Sermadiras and Mallorie Sia, two HEC Entrepreneurs, Zensoon allows Internet users to access available time slots of beauty salons, to benefit from promotions and discounts, and to make appointments, especially in “last minute”.

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