Confidential: The TopDrive shopping assistant raises 500,000 euros

The start-up differs from simple price comparison services by offering consumers products adapted to their profile.

TopDrive has just completed its first round of financing of 500,000 euros from business angels. The funds will allow the food shopping assistant to acquire traffic and recruit to continue to develop features, offer a new browsing experience and improve the user understanding algorithm.

“We don’t just compare basket prices to find the cheapest store, like price comparison sites,” argues Ludovic Gallen, co-founder. We are a shopping assistant: we help consumers to save time, to find good product ideas. “Hence the partnership with the start-up MesGoûts: before making their shopping list, users can choose from different consumer profiles (“Econome”, “Bio”,“Made In France“…) and see the most relevant products displayed as a priority, then access MesGoûts’ descriptive sheets. “Today, a user has to spend 40 minutes to fill his shopping cart online on the Drives’ websites: we divide this time by three thanks to our Express List”, adds Yacine Terki, CEO of TopDrive.

Price analysis for retailers and brands

To monetize itself, TopDrive wants to exploit the information gathered on product prices – 330,000 references in 3,000 drives are collected every day by the start-up. “This information is important for retailers looking to determine their prices, and for brands looking for information on their products in supermarkets,” says Ludovic Gallen. “Monitoring and analysing prices and product information on a daily basis means that we are definitely entering the world of Big Data,” summarises Yacine Terki. In the long term, TopDrive also plans to introduce specific promotional offers on its site or to highlight products.

TopDrive currently employs about ten people. The beta version was launched in March 2014, and a new version has just been put online, with an overhauled design and new features.

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