Confidential: TouchMods raises 500,000 euros and launches a dropshipping tool for e-tailers

The smartphone accessories vendor wants to allow e-tailers to pool their inventory in the cloud to sell their partners’ products easily.

The smartphone accessories e-tailer TouchMods, launched in 2007 by Antoine Dematté, has just completed a €500,000 fundraising round with private investors and Bpifrance. The start-up is working on the launch of a new dropshipping e-commerce offer – the sale of products that are not in stock – called Dropy.

Confidentiel : TouchMods lève 500 000 euros et lance un outil de dropshipping pour les e-commerçants
Antoine Dematté, founder of TouchMods © Olivier Maynard

It will be released in February 2016 and will allow e-tailers to pool their inventory in the cloud. “Everyone puts their inventory in the cloud and can sell the others’ as if it were their own, without risk since they don’t buy them,” explains Antoine Dematté. It is the partner who has the product in stock who delivers directly to the end customer.

5% commission

Dropy will not charge subscriptions or fixed fees to its customers, but will be remunerated on a performance basis by receiving 5% of the turnover made through its plugin. The e-merchant making the sale will also take the commission of his choice to the partner. “In comparison, Amazon takes between 7 and 30% commission from e-merchants who sell on its platform, notes Antoine Dematté. Dropy will allow small e-tailers to pool their strengths.”

Internationalization in late 2016

TouchMods recorded a turnover of €127,000 in 2014 and is counting on €250,000 in 2015. The start-up employs seven people and will use the funds raised to expand its team by hiring three developers and two salespeople. TouchMods hopes to have 1,000 French customers for Dropy before the end of 2016 and to launch internationally at that time, in Germany and England.

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