Cookin’theworld becomes QuiToque and raises 1.5 million euros

Isai, 360 Capital, CNI, S├ębastien Forest and Nicolas d’Audiffret are investing in the home delivery start-up.

Founded in 2012, Cookintheworld has just completed its first round of financing with ISAI, 360 Capital, NCI, S├ębastien Forest (founder of AlloResto) and Nicolas d’Audiffret (founder of Alittlemarket). On the occasion of this operation, the start-up renamed itself and became QuiToque: initially positioned on world cuisine, the company has been offering home delivery of recipe baskets since spring 2014.

The subscription-based service allows customers to receive a weekly basket with the ingredients and recipes needed for their meals. The start-up delivered over 200,000 meals in 2015 and is now reaching a rate of 40,000 meals per month in France. The funds raised will allow QuiToque to improve its service and set up partnerships with producers.

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