Count the number of lines in a VBScript file

This VBS script will allow you to count very simply the number of lines contained in a file in text format.

In this example I propose to count the number of lines contained in a file called myfile.log . The script will count and display the number of lines in a Windows dialog box.

1) Create a script file, which you call for example comptageligne.vbs and insert the following code:

Change the name of the file myfile.log to suit your needs.

2) Make sure that the script and the file you want to count lines are in the same directory.

3) Run the comptageligne.vbs script by clicking on the .vbs file

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  1. Jean-Luc Bir


    Thank you very much for this short and very useful script!
    I was looking for several days on the net.
    Either I found a script that didn’t work or another one that added entries to my text file!

    Your scipt works and moreover leaves the file as is.


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