EBG unveils its top 10 innovative start-ups

The Electronic Business Group has unveiled its ranking of the 10 most promising start-ups at the end of its Digital Innovation Summit.

To close the EBG’s annual Digital Innovation Summit, held today at the Espace Cardin in Paris, the organization that brings together more than 120,000 Internet industry professionals awarded 10 start-ups considered the most promising of the moment:

The Assets

The Assets is a marketplace dedicated to corporate assets. It allows to buy and sell tangible, intangible and financial assets without intermediary or commission.


Fitle: Fitle allows its users to try on clothes online on an avatar created in their image. (read: “This French start-up will revolutionize online shopping“, 11/07/14).


Yseop: Yseop is an artificial intelligence engine that automates and personalizes customer relations.


Predicsis: Predicsis enables the targeting of customers and prospects who have an appetite for particular products, the identification of customer fragility, the recognition of targets for multi-channel campaigns in order to personalise messages and the detection of customer risks.


Algolia: Algolia offers a tool marketed as SaaS that allows developers of websites and mobile applications to integrate a search engine (read: “Algolia unveils its distributed search engine… à la Google“, dated 04/11/14).


OpenDataSoft: OpenDataSoft offers a platform hosted on the cloud that allows to transform data into applications.


VirtualScale : VirtualScale is at the origin of a “Big Data as a service” platform and offers companies to support the industrialization of business cases by integrating large volumes of data for an application of new uses.


Toktoktok: Toktoktok allows its customers to have any type of product delivered in less than an hour, by tracking the order in real time on Runner.


Mediabong: Mediabong is a programming platform for branded video pushes.


Vigiglobe: Vigiglobe is specialized in “social media intelligence”. Its tools decipher and enrich the social web.

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