eFounders raises $6 million to create 6 startups by end of 2016

Oleg Tscheltzoff, who founded Fotolia with efounders CEO Thibaud Elzière, is investing the $6 million.

Thibaud Elzière announced it at the beginning of the month in an interview with the JDN: “We will certainly soon bring in an investor to the capital of eFounders and we will announce the creation of an external fund that will allow us to invest systematically in the companies. We won’t give it more than 15%.” This is now a done deal. eFounders has just closed a six million dollar (5.3 million euros) round of financing from Oleg Tscheltzoff, the same man who created Fotolia with eFounders CEO Thibaud Elzière, a start-up that was sold to Adobe in 2011 for 800 million dollars.

Two start-ups to be launched in the coming months

This fundraising will allow the start-up studio, which was launched in 2011 with its own funds, to create six new start-ups by the end of 2016. Founding a start-up costs between €300 and €600,000 for eFounders, which will only start to break even once the first acquisitions have been finalised (Read: “How the start-up studio eFounders is hatching its tribe“, from 02/06/15). The start-up studio already has eight start-ups under its belt, two of which will be launched in the coming months: Illustrio and Tipi.

eFounders is a start-up studio (a structure dedicated to the creation of internal start-ups) specialising in software, which has notably launched Mention and Aircall. A core team of sixteen people is responsible for studying start-up ideas, testing them and then finding external co-founders to whom 50% of the capital is allocated. The start-up must then be able to consolidate a team and become independent.

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