Eventbrite raises $50 million, valuation tops $1 billion

The rumor mill had it that the event ticketing platform was preparing to go public.

Eventbrite has quietly raised $50 million from its investors T. Rowe Price Group and Tiger globl, for a valuation of more than a billion, Fortune magazine reveals. The online ticket sales platform for events co-founded by Renaud Visage has decided to postpone its IPO once again. It had already raised $60 million from the two American funds in April 2013 (Read the article: ““, of 22/04/13) . According to Fortune, the two investors may have demanded a larger stake before the IPO and made an offer that Eventbrite could not refuse. Other historical investors, such as DAG Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital, did not take part in the round.

The funds will allow Eventbrite to continue its geographic expansion, including Western Europe, Latin America and Asia, both organically and through acquisitions. The start-up will also continue to develop new features and products for event organisers. Still, this new round would now push its IPO to 2015.

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