Fintech: the 25 “unicorns” valued at over $1 billion

Richard Branson, Peter Theil, Google and Credit Suisse were right to invest in these high-potential start-ups from the outset.

Fintech start-ups are booming, thanks to the flood of investment in young companies that are reinventing the way people pay, borrow, invest, and so on. The more money invested in this sector, the higher the valuations soar. Many companies can now claim to be “unicorns”. A term used to define companies in the tech industry that are worth $1 billion or more.

Earlier this year, conference organizer Finovate compiled a list of unicorns that have been born since spring 2000. We took a close look at each of these companies, eliminated the ones that have been bought out or have lost value, and updated the amounts raised by the others.

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