Fintech: Yomoni raises €3.5 million to democratize asset management

The French start-up, which is in the process of being approved by the AMF, will offer an online savings service for individuals.

A 100% online asset management service, dedicated to individual savings, with management fees limited to the maximum: this is what the French start-up Yomoni wants to launch, and it is working on receiving approval from the AMF. To get started, Yomoni has completed a €3.5 million round of financing, bringing in sector specialist funds Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and IENA Venture, the incubator of Financière de l’Echiquier.

A simulator to prepare your savings plan

“Our objective is to popularize asset management, which is currently reserved for wealthy individuals who use a private banker,” says Mourtaza Asad-Syed, who chairs the structure and directs the management. The main target group is young people aged between 25 and 35, who are just starting out in the job market and are mostly content with a Livret A or a PEL savings account to invest their savings. Via a simulator, Yomoni users will be able to indicate how much they want to save or how much risk they are willing to take and be offered a management plan over several years. “Everything will be explained simply and the fees will be described in a transparent manner,” adds Mourtaza Asad-Syed.

10 risk profiles

The savings management service will be built around three pillars: a simple, 100% online delegated savings service accessible from €1,000 with the possibility of withdrawing at any time, an all-inclusive management fee of 1.6% per year, and a portfolio tailored to the client’s risk profile. Yomoni will thus manage 10 types of portfolio, depending on the level of risk. “And we will use the data to refine our customer knowledge over time,” says Mourtaza Asad-Syed.

Yomoni has eight employees and will grow to ten by the end of the month. The site hopes to launch in July, after obtaining AMF approval. Alongside Mourtaza Asad-Syed, Laurent Girard, director of operations, and Guillaume Yribarren, marketing director, have been working on the project for almost a year.

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