Google Cloud Platform: open development tools on GitHub

Google has decided to port the sources of its tools to the online collaborative development platform GitHub. Objective: encourage the community to participate in their maintenance.

In total, it is 36 projects and development tools that Google has decided to port to the online service of source management and collaborative development GitHub. Codes that aim to serve the main bricks of the Google Cloud Platform. Namely : App Engine (rental of application servers), Compute Engine (rental of computing resources), but also CloudSQL and Cloud Storage (storage services). The information was revealed by Julia Ferraioli, spokesperson developer of the Google Compute Engine business.

“Our Google Cloud Platform developer relationship management team will now use GitHub to maintain the codes we offer to the community to bootstrap a project on Google Cloud Platform. One of the purposes of these codes is to show how to leverage our APIs using different tool stacks,” explains Julia Ferraioli. “We also offer demo applications there, such as a guestbook based on Google App Engine, or examples of how to use the Google Cloud Storage API andApp Engine – in particular to monitor Google Compute Engine instances.”

Google plans to enrich its code repositories regularly, with new bricks aimed at making life easier for developers using Google Cloud Platform. So, Google is no longer using its own online source management service(Google Code Project Hosting) which could have been used to host these codes.

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