Helpling raises €43 million to crush its European competitors

The homemaker platform launched in Berlin in March 2014 and backed by Rocket Internet is present in 12 countries and 200 cities.

Now that could be a game-changer in the emerging market for household service platforms. German startup Helpling has just closed a second round of funding of €43 million from Lakestar, Kite Ventures, Lukasz Gadowski and Rocket Internet, just months after raising €13.5 million.

The funds will allow Helpling to accelerate its growth by investing in marketing, to erase its competitors in the twelve countries where it has set up shop in a year (Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, Singapore and Australia). The start-up will indeed slow down its pace of expansion. “Our goal is to establish our leadership position and take market share in existing countries, although we may open in a few new markets in 2015,” analyzes Mehdi Louali, CEO France.

Over 50,000 households have already used Helpling

Helpling is present in 200 cities, including 14 in France. More than 50,000 households have already used the services of a household helper on the platform. Helpling claims to have several hundred registered housekeepers in France and around 10,000 worldwide. The company employs over 250 people worldwide.

For the time being, Helpling has no plans to expand into other verticals, such as baby-sitting or tutoring: the start-up is focusing solely on household services. In France, for example, household helpers represent 70% of the personal services market. There is a lot to be done to Helpling on this segment before looking for other growth drivers”, notes Mehdi Louali.

The battle of the household Uber

Helpling is not the only “household Uber” fighting for market share. In the United States, Homejoy, which went through Y Combinator, has already raised 40 million dollars from Google Ventures. The British company Hassle, for its part, has completed a €6.4 million round of financing and is focusing on the relationship between the customer and the cleaner – housekeepers are booked anonymously with its competitors – (Read the interview with Alex Depledge, CEO: “Hassle personalizes the relationship between customers and housekeepers“, dated 09/12/14).

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