Implement a Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) / RD Gateway server

Implementing a Remote Desktop Gateway server allows remote clients to connect to the RDS architecture securely via port 443 without having to expose the RDS server to the Internet and therefore having to open TCP port 3389.

Step 1: Install a new Windows Server 2008 R2.

Step 2:
Install RD Gateway

Click on Add Roles in Server Manager. When the installation wizard appears, click Next

Select Choose a certificate for SSL encryption later and click Next

Click Add… to add the user groups allowed to access the RDS architecture through RD Gateway. Then click Next

Click Browse to choose which computers can connect through RD Gateway or select Allow users to connect to any computer on the network.

Click Next on the Introduction to Network Policy and Access Servicesscreen

On the Introduction to Web Server (IIS) screen click Next

Step 3: Configure RD Gateway

RD Gateway is now installed. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Gateway Manager.

Right-click on the RD Gateway server and click Properties.

Select Create a self-signed certificate and click Create and Import Certificate.

Check Store the root certificate and choose a location to save it.

Since the certificate is self-signed it is necessary to import it to the machine from which you are accessing RD Gateway. To do this:
1) From the machine accessing RD Gateway right click on the certificate and click Install Certificate
2)Click Next and select Place all certificates in the following store
3) Explore Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click Next.
4)Click Finish

Step 4: Configure the Remote Desktop Connection client

Start the Remote Desktop Connectionclient .
Select the Advanced tab and click Settings.
Select Use these RD Gateway server settings
Enter the host name of the RD Gateway server
Click OK.
From the General tab enter the IP address or host name of the RDS server or RDS broker you wish to connect to!

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