Microsoft updates its C++ compiler

The compiler supports version 11 of the development language. For the occasion, Microsoft announced the birth of a foundation to orchestrate the evolution of C++.

The announcement was made during the closing presentation of the Build, the annual Microsoft conference for developers. The editor presented an update of its compiler C++++. For the moment in pre-release (Community Technology Preview), it introduces support for C++ 11. An evolution of the language that was standardized by Iso, under the name of ISO/IEC 14882:2011, in September 2011. On the agenda of this new version of C++: memory management at the thread level, the possibility to delegate the creation of an instance to another constructor or the introduction of variadic templates and the creation of a list of initializers. (read the tip on C/C++: How to display numbers from 1 to 1000 in C or C++ without loop or conditional structure?)

Microsoft specifies that the compiler will be updated again in early 2013, in order to take into account intermediate evolutions of the language until the release of a next major version. This pre-release requires the installation of Visual Studio 2012 to work (at least its entry-level Express edition). But, all the tools of the IDE are not yet compatible with it, including the debugger and the autocompletion feature IntelliSense. It will have to wait for the availability of the final version of the new version.

The group took advantage of this presentation to announce the creation of a foundation to evolve the language(Standard C++ Foundation). Also gathering Intel, Google and IBM, it is already focusing on the next major version of the object-oriented language, C++17, which is expected to be launched in 2017.

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