Microsoft WebMatrix: the free Web IDE now in cloud mode

Version 3 of the web environment improves its integration with Azure. Developers can now host up to 10 sites for free on the Microsoft cloud.

With version 3, Microsoft ‘s web development environment gets a makeover. Like the new applications delivered with Windows 8, WebMatrix is more closely integrated with the Microsoft cloud. Developers opting for the tool now have the ability to create and host up to 10 websites on Windows Azure for free. Microsoft has posted a video tutorial to guide developers through the process.

The version 2 of the IDE already allowed to view a site created with WebMatrix within the Azure administration portal. In version 3, WebMatrix opens the possibility to remotely edit a site hosted on Windows Azure (see also the video tutorial). Finally, following the support of Git and TBS by Visual Studio, WebMatrix 3 also integrates its source managers.

WebMatrix allows you to remotely edit a site hosted on Azure, and gives you the possibility to load locally the code elements of your choice. Capture JDN

This information comes as Microsoft has also announced the release of version 2 of the SDK of Windows Azure. It introduces a new diagnostic tool, as well as an interface to administer and update websites hosted on Azure.

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