Mojito: Yahoo makes its JavaScript framework open source

The portal continues to open the code of its development tools. It publishes the sources of Mojito under BSD license on GitHub.

After providing the code optimization tool YSlow with an open source governance, Yahoo! has just announced to have opened the source code of Mojito: a home-made JavaScript framework designed to create reusable widgets (executable both client and server side).

Based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) logic, the tool is part of the Yahoo! Cocktails environment, designed to create cross-platform JavaScript applications. Mojito allows you to create JavaScript code that runs on either the client or the server with specific optimization rules, all depending on the configuration of the user’s terminal (connection speed, screen size, processor power, the presence of a particular hardware service …).

The Mojito infrastructure is based on the Node.JS JavaScript framework. It also relies on the YUI3 (Yahoo! User Interface) graphical library, but can also use jQuery or Dojo.

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