MongoDB’s popularity explodes

According to the latest DB Engines ranking, Oracle remains the most popular database. Just behind, MySQL is in ambush.

From November to December 2013, the level of popularity ofOracle Database is down, to the benefit of MySQL and PostgreSQL in particular. But Oracle’s technology is still the most popular database (see table below). This is one of the main findings of the latest ranking by DB Engines – a provider that specializes in NoSQL infrastructures.

MongoDB: the database that grows the most over a year

It remains to be seen how the popularity levels of the databases evaluated change over a year. Compared to 2012, MongoDB is the one that progresses the most. Its index rises by 79,294, to 183,068. Another data server with a strong increase, Redis shows a popularity level up in the same time by 18,399, to 51,776 (see the graph on the DB Engines website).

The indices published by DB Engines are based on several measures: number of mentions on the web, number of results returned by Google and Bing, place in Google Trends, frequency of technical discussions on the databases in question (particularly in Stack Overflow and DBA Stack Exchange), number of job offers and social network profiles mentioning them…

DB Engines ranking of the most popular databases
December 2013 Database Type Type of data server Index Index evolution compared to November 2013
Source: DB Engines
1 Oracle Relational 1468.06 -149.13
2 MySQL Relational 1309.29 +55.02
3 Microsoft SQL Server Relational 1205.87 -28.58
4 PostgreSQL Relational 230.96 +40.12
5 DB2 Relational 190.61 +24.71
6 MongoDB NoSQL (document oriented) 183.07 +21.20
7 Microsoft Access Relational 171.67 +30.07
8 SQLite Relational 99.50 +20.72
9 Sybase Relational 95.28 +17.53
10 Cassandra NoSQL (column-oriented) 80.51 +22.93

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