NetBeans IDE 7.1: Oracle Highlights JavaFX 2.0 and PHP

Oracle’s integrated development environment now supports version 2 of the rich Internet application technology.

A few days after the release of a new version of Java SE 7 supporting JavaFX (2.0), Oracle proposes without surprise a new version of its NetBeans IDE ( 7.1)… supporting the new Java 7 specification. Optimized for Mac, Linux and Windows (integration with the latter is improved for the occasion), the development environment supports version 7 of the JDK (Java Development Kit), as well as version 2.0 of the JavaFXrich Internet applications infrastructure.

Historically focused on Java, NetBeans has become over time a multi-environment IDE: it has opened to C/C++, as well as PHP. For the latter language, NetBeans 7.1 offers new debugging capabilities, support for PHPUnit test groups and Smarty templates. In terms of Web languages, Oracle highlights the support of CSS3 (with code completion, syntax highlighting …). “This version also offers pre-loaders to improve user perception of application loading, as well as custom UI controls based on CSS3,” Oracle adds.

On the Java side, the new version is enriched with new code features, facilitating application maintenance and non-regression testing. “A new visual debugger makes it possible to control the flow of execution in the various levels of the user interface,” Oracle adds. For version tracking, NetBeans IDE 7.1 now includes Git as standard, improved Mercurial support, and change history management. Dependency and context injection () management is also enhanced in the Java editor. The JSF component library has also been extended in the areas of Java persistence, Web services and EJBs.

In the area of Java EE application servers, there is more extensive management of applications on GlassFish server clusters, and above all support for the latest Oracle WebLogic Server 12c. With this new edition, Oracle’s application server is now compliant with the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 specifications.

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