Oracle Urges Developers to Move to Java SE 7

The editor makes Java SE 7 the default runtime for the Java language. It strongly recommends to the community to adopt this new version to avoid any security risk.


now recommends Java Standard Edition 7 (Java SE 7) as the default runtime for the Java language. The editor advises developers and production managers to abandon previous versions of the infrastructure, and to migrate quickly to Java SE 7, otherwise they will face serious security problems. “Keeping an old version of Java unsupported on your systems presents serious security risks,” notes Oracle.

Among the latest advances in Java SE 7, implemented in its latest update (Update 4), the framework incorporates an algorithm for managing the garbagefirst (G1), introducing predictive analysis capabilities. Java SE 7 also aims to converge Java HotSpot and JRockit virtual machines. Oracle’s stated objective is to take the best of the latter in the former, but also to prepare the opening of the virtual machine to other languages.

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