PHP development tools PHPEdit : associated tools

PHPEdit integrates a very powerful macro system (Keyboard Template) allowing you to trigger the replacement of a piece of code by another longer one. For example when writing switch, theIDE will write for you a switch prototype as shown in figure 28-9. These macros can interact with the clipboard, set the cursor location after the replacement, position QuickMarks, call predefined functions (date, current function, logged in user…) giving you a real tool to optimize your development.

Figure 28-9: PHPEdit Macro Editor © Eyrolles

PHPEdit also offers an integrated help generator, in the style of phpDocumentor ( This allows you to generate a documentation of the API of your application very quickly and easily to provide it with the application to your customer or collaborators.

Code formatting

Another great feature is the code formatting module (phpCodeBeautifier) that allows you to unify the different coding styles between developers in a project. Many options allow you to adjust it to your own coding convention.


Finally the debugger allows you to investigate problems in your application.

to consult the list of local and global variables and their values.

You can also consult the list of errors generated by your application and see the call stack as your application progresses. To control this execution you have access to simple step-by-step functions, either by entering the function or by exiting the function. This module is based on DBG which must be configured on your PHP server. The installer offers you to install a local PHP version with DBG preconfigured to allow you to debug the installation.

Module interface

What is very comfortable when using this tool is its customizability: all panels can be arranged at will to allow you to arrange the interface as you wish, but that’s not all; all the application’s functionalities are made available through commands for which the user can configure the keyboard shortcuts himself. All toolbars and menus are configurable like Office. Here is the dialog for editing an action, everything is configurable: name, icon, treatment, context, shortcuts…

To allow you to customize it even more, the tool offers a plug-ins interface. As you can see on the following screenshot, several plug-ins have already been developed and are available on the website:

figure 28-11 : éditeur de plug-ins de phpedit
Figure 28-11: PHPEdit plug-in editor © Eyrolles

PHPEdit is a powerful development environment, French and internationally recognized thanks to the numerous functions it integrates. It has little to envy to other applications of the same type, available on the market. It can be criticized for a lack of quality and a stable version dating back more than two years, but these problems are being addressed by a freeze on developments of the application for the release of a new stable version. For more details on the application and to test it, go to the PHPEdit website.

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