PHP Development Tools The Zend Studio

Zend Studio is the commercial PHP development solution offered by the company Zend.

Unlike simple editors such as VI, Emacs, or even UtraEdit, Zend Studio is a complete development environment, so it is slower to start. You should avoid opening and closing it as you would with lighter programs. A computer with a powerful processor and at least 1 GB of RAM is highly recommended. (See quirements).

As you can see in Figure 28-14, Zend Studio has a complete interface.

Figure 28-14: Zend Studio overview © Eyrolles

It provides many interesting features for advanced development. Among these features we can count the following.

The internal debugger

The debugger is a time-saving tool for your developments. It allows you to set breakpoints, add viewpoints, define the url calling the program, etc.

A code analyzer

The code analyzer is a tool that allows you to highlight the various code errors that you may have made. For example, you might see that a certain part of your code is not accessible, or that you are using a variable that was never initialized, etc.

This tool is an important addition to using Zend Studio because it allows you to self-train, and in the case of an analysis of existing code, it will allow you to see possible problems.

Recognizing the latest syntax

The Zend teams work on the development of the PHP language and particularly on its core: the Zend Engine. They are therefore particularly aware of the evolutions of PHP, which allows them to be always one step ahead in the management of the new features of the language.

Working in team with the Zend Studio

Zend Studio allows you to work with various versioning tools, including Git and Subversion. Coupled with the project manager, this gives you a complete tool.

Code Completion

Of course, Zend Studio also supports code completion. Thus, all functions starting with the word you typed are proposed in a drop-down menu. The system improves the proposed solutions. A specific point of Zend Studio is that it proposes in completion not only the native functions of PHP but also the functions defined by the user, user variables or methods and properties during object-oriented programming. Zend Studio also provides completion on the Zend Framework.

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