Seedsummit wants to protect entrepreneurs by imposing its term-sheet model

The Seedsummint platform launched by Seedcamp will offer European entrepreneurs and investors new standards of legal documentation.

Unfamiliar with legal documentation when raising their first funds, European entrepreneurs will now be able to have access to serious documentation created by and for the players in the ecosystem thanks to the initiative of the platform dedicated to seed investors Seedsummit.

Founded by the famous UK-based coaching structure Seedcamp, it has put together, with the help of players such as Index Seed, Earlybird, Kima Ventures, Isai, Weellington Partners and 360 Capital, standard term sheets and other legal documents for start-ups and investors in various European countries. For deals in France, in addition to a standard term sheet template called“General Investments“, the platform also provides a specific template for business angels’ investments called“Angel Investments“.

The idea is to encourage the European ecosystem by providing serious tools like Series Seed does in the United States, notes Whiteboardmag. The structure does not wish to harmonize the conditions of valuation of start-ups but to allow entrepreneurs to protect themselves from abusive clauses and thus to improve the quality of deals in Europe. Already providing documentation for German, French, Irish and British players, Seedsummit plans to extend its initiative to other European countries and to regularly update the documents that the platform provides.

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