Sovereign Cloud: 3DS Outscale intends to stay at the top of the class

During its Cloud Days event on June 1, the Saint-Cloud-based company affirmed its desire to obtain the “Trusted Cloud” label announced by the French government as soon as possible, as well as its little brother in preparation at the European level.

At the end of 2019, 3DS Outscale had created the surprise. The cloud subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes had been the very first French cloud to be awarded the very select security visa of the National Agency for the Security of State Information Systems (ANSSI). This is a milestone that sets in stone the strategy of the Saint-Cloud-based provider in favour of a state-of-the-art sovereign cloud. Laurent Seror’s company has no intention of stopping there. At 3DS Outscale, the government’s recent announcement to create a Cloud Confidence label for SecNumCloud certified providers with infrastructures located in Europe under European legislation has not fallen on deaf ears. “We are obviously aiming to obtain this label”, anticipates David Chassan, Director of Strategy at 3DS Outscale, on the occasion of Cloud Days, the company’s annual event which is being held on1 June.

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For the occasion, the Saint-Cloud-based provider announced its intention to align the structure of its cloud with market best practices. Instead of two cloud regions in Ile-de-France, its Public Sector Cloud offering (the one called SecNumCloud) will now consist of only one region, but with two availability zones, each located on a data center in a different location. This new architecture is due to be launched in September.

A multi-local sovereign cloud

At the same time, 3DS Outscale is involved in the work on the future European trust label promoted by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). “This label, which will be the European equivalent of the French Cloud Confidence label, will be based on feedback from SecNumCloud and its German equivalent C5”, explains David Chassan, who adds: “Our objective is to align ourselves with the most advanced certifications on the market. We then integrate them into a homogeneous management base that constantly aims to identify avenues for improvement with a view to achieving operational excellence.”

“In addition to a common base of international standards, we aim to meet the requirements for managing sensitive data relating to each country”

3DS Outscale defines itself as a distributed cloud, with legal entities isolating its cloud regions present in each country where they are located from potentially extraterritorial laws: 3DS Outscale SAS in France, 3DS Outscale Inc. in the United States and 3DS Outscale K.K. in Japan.

“In addition to a common base of international standards based onISO, we aim to meet the requirements for the collection, storage and sharing of sensitive data relating to each country. For example, we are ITAR compliant in the US. “Our American region has also started its ISO 27001 certification process, which focuses on management processes and security systems,” says David Chassan. This is also the case for Tina On-premise, which allows you to benefit from an offer combining hardware and software to take advantage of the 3DS Outscale cloud on site.

A marketplace

On the occasion of its annual event, the company is inaugurating its marketplace. The publisher’s objective is to offer a one-stop shop for turnkey SaaS applications (available as ready-to-use images) to complement its IaaS and benefit from all its certifications. For the moment, it has about ten solutions. These include the Jamespot digital workplace, the Opendatasoft open data management solution, the Scille file-sharing service, which also benefits from the SecNumCloud visa, and the Vianeo innovation management platform.

Cloud souverain : 3DS Outscale entend bien rester premier de la classe
Screenshot of the new 3DS Outscale marketplace. JDN / Capture

Finally, 3DS Outscale is strengthening its positioning in connectivity. From September1st, the cloud will no longer charge for outgoing traffic. This is a key differentiating factor, especially compared to Amazon Web Services, which continues to charge for data extracted from its infrastructure. “We want to promote portability and avoid vendor locking”, says David Chassan.

Finally, 3DS Outscale is announcing the launch of Hosted Direct Connect in October. This option will enable customers to install their own connection and encryption hardware box in the French company’s data centres. This will give them a highly secure line to access their applications and data hosted by 3DS Outscale.

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