Spring 4.0: Focus on Java SE 8 and WebSocket

SpringSource has announced the new features of the next iteration of the Java framework. The program: support for Groovy 2 and Java EE 7 services.

A subsidiary of VMware (EMC group), SpringSource has unveiled the new features of the next version of the Java Spring framework. First, this future version will support applications based on Java SE 8, with support for lambda expressions, and new APIs (JSR-310 Date and Time for example).

Spring 4.0 will also enable the use of Groovy 2, which introduces static type checking and performance improvements to the dynamic aspects of Java. In terms of services, Spring 4.0 will support Java EE 7 standards (JMS 2.0, JPA 2.1…). But it will also implement the JSR-356 API, and will therefore be able to handle WebSocket transactions – i.e. bidirectional TCP communications between server and client.

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