The essential Android development tools The Android emulator

The emulator is the perfect tool for testing and debugging your applications. It is an implementation of the Dalvik virtual machine, making it a platform that runs Android applications just like any other Android phone. Being decoupled from any hardware, it is an excellent base for testing your applications. It provides full network connectivity as well as the ability to fine-tune connection speed and latency while debugging your applications. You can also simulate sending and receiving calls and SMS.

The ADT plugin integrates the emulator with Eclipse, which automatically launches it with the selected AVD when you run or debug your projects. If you are not using the plugin or want to use the emulator outside of Eclipse, you can connect to it via Telnet and control it from a console (for more details about controlling the emulator, see the documentation).

Before running the emulator, you will need to create a virtual device. It will be launched by the emulator, which will run a Dalvik instance on it.

Info The emulator does not yet implement all the mobile hardware features supported by Android. Not available are: Android 4 built-in camera, vibrator, LEDs, real phone calls, accelerometer, USB connections, audio recording and battery level.

Console of the Android emulator. Capture

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