The right tools to develop in HTML5 The right tools to edit in HTML5

Choosing a good text editor is essential to feel comfortable with web development. Web standards(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML), which are really just text files, can be edited with a simple program such as Notepad (Windows), Vim/Emacs(Linux) or TextEdit (Mac OS X). This is a great advantage that gives you the freedom to choose your development environment from scratch. The more experienced will probably choose a plain editor with many shortcuts, while beginners will prefer a user-friendly interface with design assistance.

You can always use a more advanced program that provides a Wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) preview as you write the HTML document, but remember that to get exact control of the code, you will almost always have to get your hands dirty.

syntax highlighting,
code suggestions,
search/replace tools,
multi-file editing (tabs),
presence of efficient keyboard shortcuts.

Figure 3-4: SublimeText is a truly sublime editor © Eyrolles

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