The winners of the 4th Dataconnexions competition are…

Etalab has just rewarded eight innovative open data projects for the 4th edition of its Dataconnexions competition.

Organized for the fourth time, the dataconnexions competition organized by Etalab rewards innovative open data projects that take advantage of public data, whether they are applications, new services or visualization tools. Its goal: to stimulate economic and social innovation for the benefit of the general interest. Here are the eight winners:

Open Food Facts is a database for deciphering food labels and comparing their composition with each other.

Developed by the Open Meteo Foundation, the association runs its own free weather model to provide forecasts in Europe. is a search engine that seeks to make public orders visible to as many companies as possible

Calendeev is an agenda of outings personalized according to cultural and sports preferences.

Guido plans to offer a mobile application that, thanks to geolocation, will comment on motorway journeys and provide tourist information.

Vamos a la Playa offers beach users the opportunity to communicate with each other about the weather, activities, water quality, visitor numbers, accessibility, etc.

Métanol allows local authorities and government services to communicate with their communities about the data they provide.

CuteGIS allows you to easily publish data in cartographic form, to share them and to customize them.

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