Visual Studio 2010: Focus on Application Lifecycle Management (2) Test Case Management introduces functional testing to Visual Studio

Test Case Management: a new interface

Until now, all tests were managed from Visual Studio, a tool more specifically oriented towards developers. With the inclusion of functional tests, it was not possible to propose to functional testers to use Visual Studio. That’s why Microsoft proposed a new interface outside of Visual Studio called Test Case Management.

Test Case Management user interface © Microsoft

Defining functional test scenarios with test cases

This tool offers the possibility to define functional test cases with test cases. A tester will be able to run his tests and indicate the result directly from this interface. Of course, this interface is based on the TFS repository. Thus, in the event of an inconclusive test, the tester will be able to enter a summary of the error directly into TFS and will be able, if he wishes, to integrate all the elements he deems necessary for its resolution.

Test Case Management integrates test campaign management, prerequisite management, notifications…

This goes from a screen capture, to the video recording of the manipulations he made before generating the error, to the execution context of the application which, as we have seen previously, contains all the context information such as the stack, the memory content, etc.

Test Case Management integrates all the test management functionalities with the notion of test campaign, prerequisite management, notifications… Another interesting feature is the possibility to make a functional test automatic by using the same mechanism used in Visual Studio, which allows to generate the code necessary to execute a test.

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