Web server market: Microsoft threatens the leader Apache

IIS has never been so close to Apache in terms of market share. This is the observation made by Netcraft in its latest monthly barometer.

On the field of Web servers, Microsoft is increasingly threatening the supremacy of Apache. This is the observation of Netcraft in its latest monthly barometer. The Redmond giant thus gains 9 million sites in May 2014, 11,000 of them hosted on its own cloud (Azure).

In total, Microsoft’s market share is up nearly 0.4 points month over month. On the open source server side, the monthly gain still represents 4.3 million sites. At the same time, its penetration rate has dropped by 0.18 points. Apache remains nevertheless at the top of the Netcraft ranking of the most used web servers, with a penetration rate of 37.6%, 4 points above that of Microsoft IIS.

“The position of Apache is much stronger if we consider only active sites,” notes Netcraft. In this category excluding sites whose content is automatically generated, the supremacy of the open source server remains very strong with 52.3% of sites detected by the specialist in technical analysis. In this field, nginx comes in second place (14.4%), with Microsoft only in third place (11.3%).

The market share of web servers in May 2014
Server April 2014 Market share – April 2014 May 2014 Market share – May 2014 Evolution
Source: Netcraft
Apache 361,853,003 37,74% 366,262,346 37,56% -0,18
Microsoft 316,843,695 33,04% 325,854,054 33,41% 0,37
nginx 146,204,067 15,25% 142,426,538 14,60% -0,64
Google 20,983,310 2,19% 20,685,165 2,12% -0,07

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