WebIDE: Mozilla Unveils HTML5 Developer Tool for Firefox

For the moment limited to the development of Firefox and Firefox OS, Mozilla intends to extend its environment to other browsers. Safari and Android are already mentioned.

A new development environment designed initially for Firefox and Firefox OS is being prepared in the laboratories of Mozilla. It is an IDE, oriented HTML5, designed to build applications and websites in responsive design, which could therefore target the main screen sizes.

Called WebIDE, the tool comes with testing and simulation tools. The environment also comes with a skeleton web app. But the foundation also refers, on GitHub, to its Mortar library of templates that can be injected.

WebIDE is based on the open source editor Codemirror and the code analysis framework tern.js. In the end, the building is designed to provide possibilities for editing HTML code as well as CSS and JavaScript. If you want to keep your editor, Mozilla provides APIs to allow the connection of third-party tools, which will allow you to benefit from its testing and code validation capabilities.

Towards a cross-browser web development tool

A protocol is delivered (Firefox Remote Debugging Protocol) to manage the testing of developments on terminals connected to your development platform – via USB or wireless network. For now, the protocol supports Firefox Desktop, Firefox Android, and Firefox OS. But Mozilla announced its extension to Chrome on Android, and Safari on iOS. The goal is to eventually offer a cross-platform web development and testing environment.

This initiative is very similar to Google’s Spark project, which aims to provide Chrome and Chrome OS with a development environment oriented towards web apps. As for Microsoft, one might wonder if it could not offer the same type of solution through its modern.ie initiative.

webide valideur
WebIDE integrates an on-the-fly simulation feature, facilitating code analysis. Capture

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