Wine : the Windows application emulator soon on Android

Initially designed for Mac and Linux, the famous Windows application emulation tool could soon be adapted for Google’s mobile OS.

The Wine emulator is said to be in the process of being ported to Android and the ARM hardware architectures on which it is based. This is what our colleague Android Police reveals in a recent article. Alexandre Julliard, the main developer of Wine, would have mentioned the project at an event on Free Software in Belgium. He would have even made a demonstration.

No launch date was mentioned during this meeting, probably because of the complexity of the task. Such a project can indeed take time. Porting applications, initially designed for x86, to Android and ARM is indeed not an easy task, especially in terms of managing the execution performance.

Wine was already able to run Windows applications on Linux or Mac OS. The tool does not work like a traditional emulator, but relies on an encapsulation system – hence the recursive acronym “Wine Is Not an Emulator”. It is indeed based on an implementation of the WindowsAPI, and therefore does not need a Windows engine to work. Able to manage the 16 or 32 bits modes of Microsoft’s operating system, it is released under LGPL license.

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