Zoom on Chrome Dev Editor: the new web IDE from Google

At Google I/O, the IT giant unveiled its new environment for developing web apps for desktop and mobile devices.

Google took advantage of its Google I/O conference in mid-June to release a new web IDE called Chrome Dev Editor (CDE). For the moment in pre-release, it is designed to create web apps, both for desktop and mobile devices. Supporting the two latest versions of the main browsers in circulation, it allows to develop both in JavaScript, but also in Dart. For almost a year, Google has not stopped investing in this scripting language that it presents as a real alternative to JavaScript (Dart has just been standardized by the ECMA – see the document that has been published).

Developing web apps optimized for Chrome OS

Chrome Dev Editor comes in the form of a Chrome app. An application that can access the local file system, and communicate with USB-connected devices to perform tests. TheIDE installs and runs a web server locally, and integrates Git as a version control system.

Wanting to simplify the life of developers, Chrome Dev Editor comes with a library of templates. Objective: facilitate the creation of Chrome applications, Dart apps, but also JavaScript apps, especially based on Polymer, or apps based on the Web Starter Kit (an equivalent of HTML5 Boilerplate). Backed by the Polymer framework, CDE integrates the Ace code editor (for Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor), which comes from the Bespin/Skywriter project of Mozilla. Ace is capable of supporting the syntax of more than 100 programming languages (according to InfoQ).

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